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Sekhmet, Nomisterion and the German contact

Careful reader must have noticed that we paid our attention to the NSBM band Sekhmet on antifa.cz a couple times already. This band from Děčín, formed by relatively young musicians, managed to build quite a good reputation in Czech black metal scene in few past years.

But in last years, in the eyes of significant number of black metal fans, they got behind the imaginary border that listeners and visitors of black metal gigs are willing to tolerate.

To make it simple – Sekhmet production, their behaviour and public expressions of their members, their admitted contacts in neo-Nazi scene and promotion of openly neo-Nazi bands not just through clothes they wear, but as well in published interviews, moved from irony and from honest struggle against false morality and religion to direct support of neo-Nazi ideals and the most extreme groups such as Blood & Honour and Combat 18.

Sekhmet Band – Part Three

We are getting back to the Sekhmet for the third time. After some “stars” of Czech NSBM scene, like Inferno from Karviná, Silva Nigeria from Ostrava or Ogmias from Brno, split up or sheered off, Sekhmet got to the imaginary throne of Czech NSBM. We published one of the articles on Sekhmet back in 2008. Article shows in detail which political models and ideals influence the life of Sehkmet members. Part of the article includes authentic Sekhmet statements about their favourite white power bands and their political opponents. And as well about Nazism and Adolf Hitler. The article from 2008 might be a good complement to this text.


Guitar player Jiří “Set” Šípek together with Hendrik Möbus, who is a founder of legendary German NSBM band Absurd. In 1993 Möbus, together with his fellow players Sebastian Shauseil and Andreas Kirchner, strangled 15-year-old boy Sandro Beyer


Members of Sekhmet as activists of Autonomous Nationalists North

The pillars of the band, since it’s beginning in 2002, are brothers Jiří “Set” Šípek and Petr “Warlord” Šípek. Peter Šípek was not there from the beginning, but he became part of Sekhmet soon after their foundation. Where the band was heading was clear from its beginning. Šípek brothers never made any secrets about their sympathies towards neo-Nazi movement neither were they ashamed about their long lasting contacts to the structures of older Děčin neo-Nazis around band Ortel (do not confuse with Pilsen band with same name). It is probably the reason why Sekhmet placed a cover of song “Blanik”, which comes from the repertoire of Decin band “Ortel”, on a compilation called “Victims Of The Cult”. In one interview members of Sekhmet even boasted that they could perform with Ortel at one stage. To see how it looks at such a party, you can check photos from gig in Olomouc, where Ortel played with Slovakian band Juden Mord and the band Reichenberg from Liberec.


You defended Jews, homosexuals, now you are waiting for an execution, we warned you, our white right, right of gallows, liberals not any more. (One of the lyrics from band Ortel from Děčín)


Petr “Warlord” Šípek in Thor Steinar hoodie with one of the guitar players from Děčín white power band Ortel who is wearing a Screwdriver t-shirt


The beginning of the year 2007 became a turning period for the band Sekhmet. The Šípek brothers began to be fully focused on their side project called Nomisterion, about which we will write more below, and which served to connect Jiří and Petr Šípek with the member of the defunct National Alliance (Národní aliance) and white power promoter Martin „Jakob“ Píša. At the same time, the Czech neo-Nazis from the north, inspired by the activity of the Autonomous Nationalists (Autonomní nacionalisté) from central Bohemia, decided to organize branches of the AN in several towns in the north. After Chomutov, Most, Ústí nad Labem, Teplice and Česká Lípa, the Nazis from Děčín did not want to be ashamed - compared to other towns, even older Nazis stood up for the idea of founding the new AN organisation in Děčín, including the members of the band Ortel. The Šípek brothers, who were also entering the structures of the AN, did not want to be left out either. Within a few months, the north branch called the AN North (AN Sever) was formed, which took all the neo Nazi activists from the towns in the north under its wings step by step. The independent website of AN North was also created at this time.

But the Šípek siblings were not just ordinary members of the AN North. Through their contacts and through, at that time, solid position in the black metal subculture, they managed to bring new activists to the structures of the AN North and their example became a role model for a lot of members. The influence of NS black metal in the structures of the nationalists from the north became evident even in their web profile, which was often returning to the theme of black and NS black metal. A lot of people around the AN North web community were sympathizers of the NSMB, for example Jiří „Engi“ Engelhart from Jílové u Děčína (altar boy, neo-Nazi and frequenter of NS black metal concerts, all in one person, and whose father shows the swastika which he has tattooed directly on his buttocks, on request, Tomáš „Jochen“ Králík from Ústí nad Labem (he chose the nickname Jochen after Jochen Peiper, officer of the Waffen SS), Marek „W_f_N“ Matys from Kamenický Šenov u České Lípy (the nickname W_f_N stands for Wiky from North) and his ex-girlfriend Kristína „Jacquelin“ Rájecká from Jílové u Děčína. Even the webmaster himself was found among the propagators of the NSBM on the web pages of AN North with the nickname „MV“. According to our information, it was the bass guitarist of Sekhmet, Petr Šípek, hiding under this pseudonym.

Demonstration of the AN North against drugs - Děčín, June 2008

The fact that Petr Šípek took probably the most responsible role in the newly forming organization as webmaster, did not yet mean that he planned to cut down on other activities. This emerged directly after the activation of the not so big, however very active, Ústí branch of the Autonomous Nationalists, led by Adam „Aussiger“ Berčík, who was, until that time, kind of a hooligan of the Most football club and occasional participant in neo-Nazi actions. The coalition of Nazis in the north, united under the flag of the AN North, felt so strong in June 2008 that it called for a demonstration in Děčín, the original purpose of which was to protest against the rise of drug use in the town. As organizers of the demonstration were nominated Jiří Engelhart and Adam Berčík, because in Děčín, there was nobody else who would be willing to take the responsibility in his or her name. This action can be considered one of the most successful of those organized in 2008 by the neo-Nazi movement, which was at that time at the peak of its influence. Besides the speech by Adam Berčík, speeches were also given by the boss of the local DSSS (at that time still called the Workers party (Dělnická strana), Petr Kotáb and by the representative of the Prague “Resistance Women Unity” (RWU). The demonstration, attended mostly by neo-Nazis from the region of Ústí, was supported by activists such as Patrik Vondrák from The National Resistance Prague (Národní odpor Praha), Michaela Dupová and her colleagues from the RWU, nationalists from Kladno, like Michal Glas and Jiří Bunda, but also, for example, the group from Trutnov around Petr Myšák, that is still pretending to be terrorists and official representatives of “Combat 18” in the Czech Republic . Few members of the wannabe terrorist organization “White Justice”, later dispersed by police also showed up. Apart from some limited exceptions (as was the case of Michal Glas), the organization of the demo was taken care of by activists from the AN North, aided by members of the already mentioned band Ortel from Děčín. The brothers Jiří and Petr Šípek also wore the AN North badge as organizers.

AN North demonstration against drugs in Děčín in June 2008. With the number 1, wearing the arm band for organizers, is Jiří "Set" Šípek and with the number 2 is his brother Petr "Warlord" Šípek. The number 3 is Matěj Tichý from Děčín, we will write about him below. With the number 4 is posing Michal "Bizon" Roth, member of the AN from Ústí nad Labem, and one of the moderators who were detained when there was a police raid against the neo-Nazi radio station Autonom


When the so-called “Watch” units of the Workers Party confronted Roma mafia from the Janov settlement in Litvínov, not many people knew that this small group of activists consisted of members of Autonomous Nationalists North – for example Vlastimil Burian from Chomutov or Adam Berčík from Ústí nad Labem. It is widely known that the conflict between Workers Party Watch and the Roma set off a series of demonstrations led mainly by hooligan groups employed by on-and-off neo-Nazi Filip Vávra, but also other neo-Nazi groups played their part, including the autonoms from the north. The Šípek brothers and their friends couldn’t miss it as well.


From the left, on the pictures from Janov demonstrations - Jiří Šípek, Matěj Tichý, another nazi from the north with glasses and Petr Šípek. These four friends met in the end of 2007 in the Nomisterion project that we will analyse in the second part of the article

Ústí nad Labem – April 2009

On April 18. 2009, a thoroughly prepared demonstration took place in Ústí nad Labem. The demo was inspired by marches in Dresden, Germany Czech neo-Nazis led by Patrik Vondrák, Adam Berčík, Tomáš Králík and Lukáš Stoupa organized a successful mobilization among German neo-Nazis, which led to around a half of the participants on the Ústí demo being from Germany. Same as in Děčín, demo in Ústí was also organized by AN North activists. Apart from Adam Berčík, German and Hungarian neo-Nazis gave speeches at the demo, and also Michal “Puchy” Puchmertl from the Czech group, who originally wanted to give the speech in the name of White Justice but changed it to presenting it as his personal speech after agreement with Adam Berčík. Same as in the case of Děčín demo against drugs, Sekhmet band members attended this event, and Jiří Šípek organized it.


From the left, Jiří Engelhart, Jiří Šípek and David Preissler as organizers on the demonstration in Ústí in April 2009

Date 18th of April 2009 was put into a relation with the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birth in connection with preparation of demonstration in Ústí nad Labem. But in the end it inscribed in history of local neo-Nazi movement for quite different reason. Northern Bohemia neonazis, belonging to the group of activists around POW Silesia (organization engaged in support of retained or imprisoned neo-Nazis) and Autonomous Nationalists Bruntálsko, met a day before demonstration to activist deliberation. They had been considering what to do with the following day. During later police investigation it was shown that Northern Bohemia neo-Nazis were considering to honour Hitler’s anniversary with a participation on the march of Autonomous Nationalists or with more radical way. Due to long distance to action of the march, and also due to the experience with arsonist attacks in their region, they decided for second option. It indefinitely affected the life of Romany girl Natálie Siváková and in final consequences even life's of many other people. Now in private even many neonazis regret of arsonist attack in Vítkov. But they do not mourn over destroyed life of little girl, but over the consequences of the act, which was fundamental reason for police repressions against neo-Nazi movement. After the wave of arrests in the relation with police action called "Power" only slow but persisting decline of neonazi scene occured, which influenced even the individual branches of Autonomous Nationalists. When it came to public that activists from group of Autonomous Nationalists Bruntálsko took part in arsonist attack in Vítkov, it was an argument strong enough to leave formerly popular Autonomous Nationalists. In fact, nothing as a nation-wide organization of Autonomous Nationalists exists today.


We wrote about Sekhmet in connection with neo-Nazi festival organized by Martin „Jakob“ Píša called "Potkali se u Kolína", which took place June 23, 2007. The very first note we brought about Nomisterion was in connection with concert of German radical neo-Nazi band Weisse Wölfe in an article Did the White Wolves howl for Worker’s Youth?  We can certainly claim today, that along NS black metal bands, also purely white power bands as Adler from Opava or Ecce Mors from Klatovy performed on the festival "Potkali se u Kolína”. Due to badly orgaized schedule, Sekhmet did not play despite the fact that all group members arrived. Newly established white power band called Nomisterion performed instead. The composition of this group was a surprise for us - it is partly overlapping with Sekhmet. Band Nomisterion could be marked as a side project of Sekhmet in the eyes of Jiří "Set" Šípek and his brother Peter "Warlord" Šípek. Vocalist of the band is Matěj Tichý, originally from Děčín (see him above on photographs from Janov and Děčín), drums are played by person with nickname My-lai (My-lai was Vietnamese village, which became a symbol of the massacre of civilians during the Vietnamese war, there also was a Czech racist skinhead band with this name in the beginning of the 90's. You can find drummer of Nomisterion on the photography collage from Janov). As we have shown above, both neonazis have participated (alongside with their black metal band-mates) on neo-Nazi demonstrations.


Band Nomisterion in the original composition. From the left in t-shirts of Czech white power bands Conflict 88 guitarist Jiří "Set" Šípek and drummer with nickname "My-lai". In t-shirt with the logo of Autonomous Nationalists Petr "Warlord" Šípek and quite on the right in sweatshirt of American neo-Nazi band Extreme Hatred vocalist Matěj Tichý


Band Nomisterion on one of their first gigs called "Potkali se u Kolína". Despite low quality of photography we can identify individual band members as well as the fact that in front of the stage in the role of security is a person with a t-shirt of the neo-Nazi organization National Resistance. Further we can identify Martin "Jakob" Píša (in the picture shown at the microphone) who sang one of their songs together with the band


Band Nomisterion became known with successful gig organized by Martin Píša, who has became a big fan of the band. Band is playing classical RAC genre with metal elements and could not omit covers of legendary Czech white power band called Buldok in their work. During the performance of one of the covers called "Wake up Europe" at a concert in Carlsbad, the police interrupted the gig quite fiercely. Nomisterion newbies have gained their supporters quickly when they openly shifted to neo-Nazism. Moreover, the fact that the band consists of politically active neo-Nazis only supported their popularity in neo-Nazi circles. Martin Píša has opened the door to the real world of neo-Nazi concerts and festivals. Thanks to Píša's contacts the band could get on such crucial events like concerts of German Weisse Wölfe or to support for the German band Faustrecht and Italian band Strapo (at a concert organized by Dragan "Bajba" Petrovič together with Martin Píša and which is not a nice memory for the band members because of an argument with Petrovič). Band showed up even at the concert of Swedish singer Saga in village Ochoz near Brno.. The most important event for Nomisterion so far has been annual neo-Nazi piety associated with music festival called Day of Honour, which is organized by Hungarian neo-Nazis in honour of Waffen SS who defeated Budapest against the Russian army. Participation of Nomisterion in this festival was, again, arranged with Hungarian contacts of Martin Píša. The head of regional organization of DSSS - Simona Skoumalová travelled to Budapest together with the band. On the activist note, the band supported Petr Janák and Lukáš Weczerek (who is manager and singer of band Adler), who have made beneficial calendars for prosecuted friends. Those calendars have attracted attention of police cameramen during the arrests of arsonists from Vítkov and their accomplices, who had been (as we already mentioned) members of Autonomous Nationalists Bruntálsko and POW Silesia.


Members of Nomisterion (all except Jiří Šípek) at Ochoz u Brna at the time of the concert of Swedish singer Saga. Behind the guys from Nomisterion is singer from band Agrese 95 Josef Košutka.


Invitation for a Day of Pride in Budapest, February 2009, made by Hungarian Blood and Honour. On the right, part of Czech group heading to this neo-Nazi event. With number 0 Martin Píša, who joined the band on stage for one song again in Hungary. Numbers 1 to 4 are the members of Nomisterion, with number 5 girlfriend and mother of Milan Hroch's child Simona Skoumalová (M. Hroch is a member of National Resistance group). She is leader of DSSS in south Moravia and nowadays also a vice-president of DSSS. With number 6 girlfriend of Jiří Šípek, Erika Heimlichová, she has Hungarian roots


Info-board, distributed as a means of support for a prosecuted neonazis. Members of Nomisterion, along with other white power bands, took a photos to the calendar with balaclavas at their heads


Split Nomisterion - Sigmundur

At the beginning of the April 2009 the Nomisteiron band, with a new guitar player, could celebrate as after lot of twists and turns there was a new album recorded along with the band Sigmundur. Sigmundur is a band from Ostrava, formed by veterans of neo-Nazi scene. Among them, worth emphasizing, are persons nicknamed „Anděl“ (Angel) and „Křeček“ (Hamster). The saying „birds of a feather flock together“ is in this case truly pertinent. Křeček is none other than Tomáš Ondřejek, the drummer from the Adler band and the first person which was visited by the “Vítkov quartet” after their attack at night from 28th to 29th April 2009, when David Vaculík, one of the aggressor, was thanks to his own clumsiness burned in the attack on a house inhabited by the Sivák family. Up to now Tomáš Ondřejek has been an active part in his white power projects. Jan “Anděl” Lokaj was one of the persons from Silesia (Slezsko) who were present on the May 1, 2009 demonstration only couple of days after the incendiary attack, next to David Vaculík, moreover with organizer´s band on his sleeve. We have already published more detailed article about this person, Jan Lokaj, about last year´s 28th October in Ostrava. It is important to say that on the Nomisterion and Sigmundur split album, there was a an elite of Czech neo-Nazi scene: the members of Nomisterion band helped with benefit actions in favour of organization in which the Vítkov attackers were active; Petr Šípek helped Vítkov attackers as a webmaster to create the web site AN Bruntál; the Sigmundur members were supportive to the Vítkov attackers in the day of the attack and later on, even though they knew who is responsible for the attack in Vítkov, they backed up them publicly in the demonstration. As we will show later on, the members and friends of the Sekhmet and Nomisterion bands know how to choose funny friends also behind the Czech boarders.


The cover of the first Nomisterion album...

...and the cover of Nomisterion-Sigmundur split album


The German connection

The news about German militant neo-Nazi group, now considered to be part of the National-Socialist underground, came out of the blue. During their active neo-Nazi career they moved from politic work and demonstrations to militant activities, which through armed assaults of banks (at least 14 of them), placing of explosive systems and threatening culminated in series of murderous attacks. Between the years 2000 and 2007 there were at least 10 murders done by this group, targeting mostly Turkish emigrants and one Greek. The extent of activities made by this organization reached the surface after 4th November, when – according to German police information – two members in supposedly hopeless situation blow their brains out after one of the bank robbery. Couple of hours later a woman who cooperated with them and lived, as well as the two men, off the grid, blow up the house inhabited by them. At first sight it might seem that neo-Nazis finished the chapter of a decade of murders themselves. However from the first information that surfaced during the investigation, it was clear that the whole cause will set off a huge response of Germanstate machinery.


German neo-Nazi murderers Uwe Mundlos, Uwe Böhnhardt and Beata Zschäpe


It is too early to make a conclusion based on the information and speculations that we are getting from Germany. But two things are certain. Firstly, he neo-Nazi murders cause will have an impact even on the Czech neo-Nazi movement, and not only because of the personal connections between Czech Nazis and their German counterparts who cooperated with the murderers. Secondly, there is an importance in the role of the Federal Institute for the Protection of Constitution (German security service that, among other activities, infiltrates neo-Nazi as well as antifascist structures) that is being massively criticized. This bureau was the one responsible for coordination of many tens, according to some sources even hundreds of informers among the neo-Nazi organizations that were on the bureau’s payroll. Not only did the German police officially consider “Turkish mafia” to be responsible for the murders of small business owners of Turkish origin that were really killed by neo-Nazis. The Federal Institute for the Protection of Constitution will also have to explain many things, such as how is it possible that their informer who met with the murderers just minutes before the execution was present in an internet café near the crime scene of Halit Yozgat murder in Kessel, or if it is true that the neo-Nazi killers used false ID cards that also lead back to the Institute. And if the suspicion that the murderers also tried to attack a place where workers from Portugal were staying will prove to be true, the question of hypocrisy of the current German Nazi agenda of calling for “the defense of the united Europe of nations” will also rise.
Both of the interesting facts – the role of the infiltrators in the neo-Nazi movement and the international contacts between Czech and German neo-Nazis that took part or were in a position to take part in the support and covering for the neo-Nazi murderers – meet together in the person of a long-standing Saxon neo-Nazi activist Mirko Hesse.


Mirko Hesse and his Czech friends

Mirko Hesse comes from small German town of Sebnitz and he is well known for his long career of a neo-Nazi and a criminal. He was a member of the neo-Nazi organization “Nationale Offensive” and after the organization was banned in 1993, he became one of the founders and leaders of the Saxon branch of Hammerskins organization. Hesse also took part in organizing the CC88 group (CC = Chemnitz Concerts) that organized white power concerts in western Saxony. There were people moving around this organization that were directly connected to the neo-Nazi murderers. Among them were Max-Florian B., who supposedly let his apartment to the trio of terrorists and supplied them with ID cards and personal documents. Hesse’s connection to the supporters of the National-Socialist Underground went also through his own organization, Hammerskins. It was mainly the strong ties to Thomas Gerlach from Altenburg – member of "Weißen Bruderschaft Erzgebirge" and "Brigade Ost", group "Thüringer Heimatschutz" and also Hammerskins. Gerlach was the leading person in “Freies Netz” and one of the organizers of "Fest der Völker", neo-Nazi festival with annual presence of Czech neo-Nazis. Gerlachs links to NSU are obvious, some time ago was relieved that this active neo-Nazi used since 2005 at secret neo-Nazi forums name "Mandy Struck" as a password. "Mandy Struck" was code name for Beate Zschäpe, according to German media it was known only for close insiders.The connection between Saxon Hammerskins and National-Socialist Underground is being investigated and it seems that other interesting facts are about to be uncovered.


Mirko Hesse with “Aryan” tattoo across his chest sure knows how to enjoy life...


Since 2001 at least until 2002 was Hesse at the same time the leader of Saxon Hammerskins and the informer of secret services. Many peculiar facts related to his activities as an informer were found. According to Bundesamt für Verfassungschutz´s internal rules the informant activities are in contradiction with involvement in criminal acts as well as with leading position in the monitored organization. Not only was Mirko Hesse the leader of Hammer skins during his informant activity, moreover, he had a long-term business based on production and distribution of white power music, which is illegal in Germany. In 2002 the police made a swoop on a Saxon Hammerskins group mentioned before, during which some weapons and neo-Nazi stuff were confiscated. In the end 29 people were accused mostly of crime of appealing for violence. Nevertheless, it was already in 2001 when Mirko Hesse was condemn for distribution of Landser CDs „Ran an der Feind“ containing lyrics, among other appealing to murders of leftists, politicians and journalists. Hesse was given a two-year sentence and after future charges for offensive behaviour, his imprisonment was extended. The fact that Hesse was active neo-Nazi while receiving money for informant activities at the same time put Shilli (at that time German minister of interior) under strong criticism. In November 2003 Berliner Zeitung brought follow-up information related to Hess. Newspaper stated that Mirko Hesse was given four-year sentence and another charges were going to be brought. Hesse´s company Hate Records founded in 1997 received 13 000 German Mark from Federal Republic Saxony as a grant for beginning businessmen. Besides the Lander CD mentioned above, Hesse participated also in the release of White Aryan Rebels CD called “Noted des Hasses”.

Hesse´s relapse emerged in 2008 when he participated in the attack at a group of alternative youths by poles and knuckles in German city of Stolpen on 1st May. The attacked ended up in hospital, one of them even on intensive care unit. Even though it was four years ago and there is a clear evidence, the case is accompanied by sensless legal peripeties and suspicious delays. the court session is not expected until the middle of this year. Lately Mirko Hess is engaged in his moneymaking business and distributing neo-Nazi stuff and records. Nowadays he is a co-owner of shop "Tatex" in Sebnitz. Among his assortment there is also „hate crime“ clothing which he is selling in his Crashandburnstore. Nevertheless, distribution became his main interest, mainly in the area of NSBM records and probably also co-operation on organization of Nazi-socialist black metal gigs. Those were the contacts which get Mirko Hess repeatedly into Czech Republic where he made a lot of very interesting friends in NS black metal scene.
The most interesting connection between Mirko Hesse, whose name is being heard in the context of investigating neo-Nazis murderers in Germany, and local neo-Nazis, are contacts which he established in north Bohemia region. Following pictures show that among Mirko Hesse´s friends are many of neo-Nazis from Děčín and Sekhmet and Ortel bands. Mirko Hesse as a fan of NSBM promoted the Sekhmet band in Germany and was also involved in organizing their gigs in Germany. Through his web pages and facebook profile he supported Sekhmet´s gigs and he also had their T-shirts made.

Mirko Hesse repeatedly visited north Bohemia. With Nazis from the German side of Saxon Switz and hugging with Jiří „Set“ Šípek from Sekhmet band


Mirko Hesse with his wife (first from the left) and Šípek brothers girlfriends – Markéta Netopílková (girlfriend of Petr Šípek – in the middle) and episodic girlfriend of Jiří Šípek – Erika Heimlich (first from the right)


Mirko Hesse with another German friends. Guy behind him who is wearing blue shirt, seen as well in close-up from AN demo, where he wears organizators band, is Jaroslav “Giovanni” Langer from Děčín. Drummer from Děčín white power band Ortel and one of the ex-owners of Thor Street shop.


Mirko Hesse (marked by yellow color and as well in close-up with hat) could not miss neo-Nazi demonstration in Ústí nad Labem in 2009 which we already mentioned. This picture (click to enlarge) brings a view of front banner Junge Nationalen Sachsisches Schweiz – youth organization of NPD, or NPD affiliate in Sachsisches Schweiz. Jiří “Set” Šípek (with no. 1) accompanied the German neo-Nazis as one of the organizers. No. 2 is Mirko Hesse. Around the banner was an interesting composition of Czech and German neonazis. With no.3 Jiří Dudák – chamberlain, secretary and member of presidium of Workers Youth.  With no. 4 Tadeáš Svoboda – AN member, from Mělník. With no. 5 is Hartmut Gliemann, long time neo-Nazi from NPD Sachsisches Schweiz. No. 6 is Petr Čermák from no longer existing Prague cell of Autonomus Nationalists Lhotka. No. 7 is the cornet from Cheb who we focused on in one of our past articles



In this article we have proved with many pictures and facts that Sekhmet is a band consisting of neo-Nazis. After Petr "Warlord" Šípek joined the band, all members started to attended neo-Nazi demonstrations and other events. Petr Šípek and his brother Jiří Šípek belong to the circles of politically active neo-Nazis around the former group AN North. Trough their contacts Petr and Jiří Šípek were in touch with other AN groups, including group from Bruntál, which was partly formed by neo-Nazis that are behind many violent attacks, including arsonist attacks against Roma people. Most known is the one in Vítkov. Šípek brothers made, apart from black metal band Sekhmet, another project – this time white power band called Nomisterion. With this band they took part in lots of neo-Nazi shows. As well the ones in the name of international neo-Nazi organisation Blood & Honour. Although a part of black metal fans always keeps saying that Sekhmet is the band balancing on the edge, our information show that they have crossed this or any other edge long time ago.
When Sekhmet members spoke about Adolf Hitler and national socialism in a positive way, when they showed off their struggle against all posers, fuckers, punkers, immigrants, Christians and Jews, when they made a song Zyklon B, specifically dedicated to these groups, when they boasted about the lyrics of the song “Pure Blood”, when the members admitted their sympathy to white power bands, when they played with them or when they played their songs, some black metal fans just underestimated these facts torn from context, misunderstood or deliberately manipulated.
Now we can only wait and see how black metal scene and fans, as well as promoters of black metal shows and clubs, where Sekhmet are going to play, will deal with this article. Jiří "Set" Šípek could also show honesty to his fellow white citizens and tell them what is his idea for a solution of the problem with excluded localities, against which he went to demonstrate to Nový Bor last year. He got for sure enough inspiration and advices from his neo-Nazi comrades.


Jiří "Set" Šípek (in black, of course) at a demonstration in Nový bor, which took place on September 11, 2011