Neděle 5/5/2013

Documentary 161>88 released on DVD

A year after the premiere of the documentary of the Antifascist Action – 161>88 in BIO OKO cinema in Prague, the movie was released on DVD that includes English and German subtitles.

During the year that followed the premiere, around 25 screenings were organized – both in Czech Republic and abroad (Slovakia, Serbia, Germany, Sweden…). The movie was also introduced on Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, one of the most important event of its kind in Europe. The movie was also selected for screening on East Silver Market – an event aiming at professional audience and focused on Central and Eastern Europe documetary production. We were especially happy to see a demand for screening from schools and also interviews with the authors that were published in couple magazines.

About the movie

This movie was made by antifascists who have already chosen their attitude to the topic. We won’t persuade you that the movie is ”objective” in the usual sense. But we see its value in something else - the fact that we have been an active part of the events and that we were effectively shaping them. The movie of the Antifascist Action (AFA) monitors more than twenty years of the struggle against neo-Nazis, fascists and racists. The historic cross-section shows the multiple rises and falls of neo-Nazis and racists. You will witness the power as well as limited potential of the antifascist movement that doesn’t deal just with neo-Nazis, but also with the repression of the state and the public opinion.


How to get it

You can get the DVD through the crowdfunding campaign on server where you can contribute to the DVD production and further promotion (all the funds collected go directly to the authors). As a reward, you will get a special package containing the DVD of the documentary. The minimum amount of the contribution is 200 CZK (approx. 8 EUR or 10 USD). The package also contains other publications (magazines, books) from Czech antiauthoritarian production. You can contribute with a bigger amount and get one DVD (2,000 CZK, 5,000 CZK, 10,000 CZK) or you can get more copies for your friends (2x DVD = 400 CZK, 5x DVD = 1,000 CZK amounts). The payments are arranged through the PayU system that allows several ways of sending the money. For international payments, Visa and Mastercard payments are available.

If you don’t want your name listed on the contributors list, you can use the “do not list“ option. However, keep in mind that you will have to share your details so we can deliver your reward package to you.

We are going to deliver copies of the movie along with any other materials by mail. We ship abroad.

How to use in four easy steps:

 Other ways to get the movie

We are working hard to get the DVD to stores and distributions. Please be patient, we will inform you about the availability as soon as other ways to get a copy emerge. The movie will also be available online, but if you want to support its making and distribution, go and buy a copy.


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